Populus Bio accelerates the development of meaningful therapies for people with debilitating diseases.

Our decades of global hands-on experience and access to a vast industry network enables us to focus on accelerating promising science into accessible treatments for patients. We start with this end in mind and prioritize activities based on a clear path to becoming a commercially available treatment; we derisk projects by asking tomorrow’s questions today and have a relentless focus on execution. 

Populus pharma network graphic

The Opportunity

There is a large untapped pool of scientific and therapeutic potential due to a lack of experienced biotech entrepreneurs who can realize the value for patients and investors by translating the science into treatments.

The Solution

Populus Bio addresses this experience gap, built on a solid foundation of people and experiences critical to expediting the delivery of novel impactful treatments to patients. Through an agile and scalable operating model, we complement originator teams to jointly create value.

Our principles are the values and beliefs that define us and the work we do

Not just words. We believe that ‘Principles’ are only of added value, if our

daily behaviour reflects them.






We team up with the right people to complement originator teams with appropriate functional expertise, creating collective impact to build biotech companies.

We believe that people come before process.  Our inspiration and ultimate benefactor of our work are all the people we collaborate with; patients, scientists, investors, employees and our advisors. Our long term vested approach, aligns with future value creation for all our collaborators.

populus founders group